About Don Kerr

Hi, this is Don Kerr.  I live in League City, Texas near NASA Johnson Space Center.

I’m a former NASA “rocket scientist”.  I love building application using Adobe Flex and ColdFusion.

“TexFlex” means doing Flex Texas-Style.  The Git R Done “framework” I’ve been using to develop Flex Apps at NASA and my own business since Flex version 1!  Many developers and framework advocates can tend to over complicate what Flex makes easy.  I’ve seen 3rd party frameworks come and go over the years… all say their way is THE best practice.

I measure best practice by listening to my clients.  They want their solution yesterday. My focus of this blog is to simply share what has worked for me in the real world and what makes my clients, like NASA, CBS, Acer, Discover, happy!  What gets it done. Texas-style.

I may not always do things right.  But, I try to the right thing. Hope you get quick real-world, practical tips here on my blog.


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